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Android UDP Multicast client?

My N900 died a long time ago... My N9 just died last month... (this one was the best phone ever BTW, and the world missed it) now I'm using Android ; One user on slashdot once said using android felt like being hit with a crawbar, and well, I agree :/ I tried touchDAW but 1- I don't like their licence and 2-I didn't manage to make it work anyway. Qmidictrl worked out of the box. AND it talked to Qtractor nicely ; Now for my question:

Do anyone know of any ozone layer friendly way to control at least jack transport (via Qmidinet) from an android device in 2016?

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TouchDAW is, currently, your best option, if not the only one.

There's also VMPK but it's way different kind of a remote controller :)


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