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DSSI fluidsynth sf2s un-loaded upon saving session [cont/LV2]

Binary Data LV2Reset.qtz1.79 KB

As per my comment in the other thread, a new problem has appeared with LV2 Linux Sampler since the DSSI fix. Basically, making a save "resets" Linux Sampler, affecting any MIDI Controller events that may be in effect. Please load up the attached qtz and do the following. (The 6MB gig I originally intended to upload exceeded the maximum file size so I've had to delete it - please use any gig/sfz you may have):

- note that Track 1 has a Controller 7 event at the start (127). Please play the track and listen to the volume
- make an arbitrary change to Track 2 (e.g. mute/un-mute), just to enable the save function in Qtractor
- play Track 1 again and, as the notes play, save with Ctrl+S. You should hear the volume drop (and see this in the Mixer)
- note that, upon saving, in the Messages window Linux Sampler appears to be re-loading everything, thereby presumably ignoring/resetting the currently active Controller information. (There's also a short break in the audio when this occurs)

I've tried this on the previous version (0.7.6 tarball on this site) and there's no such re-loading, so the volume is consistent before and after the save. Therefore, it seems something in the DSSI fix may have affected this (and possibly other areas?)?

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indeed. as a matter of fact the latest fix would make it all plug-ins to reset its state on save, just like a plain reload was implied.

so the fix was scrapped and a regression from late v0.7.5 was due... done! now on today's git head master (v0.7.6.7+)

cheers && thanks

Thanks again for your help. Tried a few LV2 and DSSI plug-ins and all looks good. Will let you know if anything further crops up.

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