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Hiding mixer splitter panes

The change-log for Flirty Ditz says: "Mixer splitter panes are now collapsible and optionally hidden." But I have not been able to figure out how to collapse or hide the panes.

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What was really meant was that you can resize the panes to have zero-width, and thus hidden. In practice, you can only hide this way the leftmost and/or rightmost panes (input and output buses panes resp.)


Ok, I see.

Something I would appreciate is to have the MIDI and audio parts of the mixer on two different tabs. I'm using a lot of audio and MIDI buses and tracks, so it get a bit crowded normally. Also it would probably be good for consistence as the audio/MIDI stuff is split between tabs elsewhere in Qtractor.

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Noted. That or some kind of user option to show only the audio, MIDI or both. hmm... :)

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