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Track name with non-latin utf-8 chars


If Midi track name contains non-latin characters midi file recorded as empty.
Audio track - all ok.

For example:

Example-Фортепиано-1.mid - empty
Пример-Piano-1.mid - ok


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you may have a point here.

however, until further notice, please refrain from using utf8 characters, other than base latin charset, on any session and track names.

there might be issues, not in particular related to qtractor itself, which may get fixed eventually, but else on the file-system meta-data encoding and what not. :)


ok :)
but audio track with this characters recorded properly.
and this chars I am use with this filesystem many years ;)

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as said, i'm not dismissing qtractor for the faulty behavior ;)

just one question: does it happen if you unset the russian translation?
eg. from the console command line, enter:

LANG=C qtractor

nb. you'll get the default "factory" english translation and that's on purpose of course.


I tried, the result is the same

Fixed :)))
Thank You ....

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