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Calf Fluidsynth - pitch bend only works when on MIDI channel 1

Binary Data Test_FluidPitchBend.qtz3.37 KB

Hi Rui,

I've encountered something a bit strange with Calf Fluidsynth and I'm not sure whether it's a Qtractor issue or a Calf one. I'll explain below and if it's a Calf issue I'll post to their github page (can't see anything about this there at the moment).

Basically, pitch bend only seems to respond when the track is set to MIDI channel 1. On any other channel, pitch bend is ignored, though Controller events seem fine (have checked Controllers 7 and 11 anyway). Fluidsynth DSSI responds to pitch bend whatever the channel.

The attached qtz has the following tracks, each with the same clip copied to it containing pitch bend events. I'm using the Chorium sf2 but you can use anything (all sf2s I've tried are the same):

Track 1: Calf Fluidsynth, channel 1 (fine)
Track 2: Calf Fluidsynth, channel 2 (pitch bend doesn't work)
Track 3: Fluidsynth DSSI, channel 3 (fine)

I've tried a recent Calf stable release and the latest git. Both were the same.

Please let me know if this is a Qtractor or a Calf issue (or something odd with my set-up). Thanks.

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might well be a particular Calf-Fluidsynth issue...

also tested with the vee-ones and all goes according to plan, provided the specific plugin's MIDI input mode is set to "Omni", which is the default.


OK, thanks. Will post over there then.

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