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Set VST path in Qtractor

I have compiled Qtractor with VST support from source on openSUSE 11.1 (x86-64)with realtime "trace" kernel / KDE 4.1.3 desktop. Apart from 3 unused variable messages there were no warnings or errors. The quality of the programing is excellent.

I just need one tip - how do I point Qtractor to the vst folder "/home/username/.vst/"?

PS. JOST does not compile on 64 bit linux - so if anyone can recommend an easy to install 64 bit linux compatible host for softsynths I would be greatful.

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The default search path for Linux native VST plugins is "/usr/local/lib/vst:/usr/lib/vst" or, in your particular case, "/usr/local/lib64/vst:/usr/lib64/vst" for a x86_64 (64bit) platform.

I know the above paths are non existent in any linux distro OOTB. You might create those vst sub-directories or you can setup your custom ones in Qtractor global configuration: see View/Options.../Plugins; select "VST" as plugin type; add your paths to the list; OK and there you go.


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