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Bug when storing VST indexes?

Hi Rui,
I know, i write a lot of stuff at the moment, but as I got some time at the moment, i can manage to play with qtractor...

May it be, that there's a bug when storing the indexes to the VST instruments? When I changed my VST folder by adding some vst's and removing some, and then re-open a session in qtractor which includes some vst instruments, some of them are replaced by other ones.

Another thing is that I cannot re-open a preset of a VST (after removing the wrong vst and re-store the original one). There's a dialog which tells me if I want to save the preset (but i want to load it) and if i say YES, there's another error message, that the preset cannot be loaded.


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Better late than never, they say :)

Yes, there's a real short-coming on Qtractor re. DSSI-VST plugins: Windows VST plugins are being referred by their ordinal index on the dssi-vst scan process. What happens is that that index number most probably changes if you move any of those DLLs around, or even if you change the VST search path order or composition.

Now, it just popped from my mind ;) one can (and should have in the 1st place) refer to a plugin by its label, which in the case of loaded plugins are indeed given as filename.dll. Lucky guy I am :)

So, qtractor- (current CVS HEAD) might do as a fix on this issue. An extra field is saved to identify a plugin: its "label" and it must match on load. Note that the fix will work only on newer saved sessions. Previous will do suffer still...

Many thanks for scrubbing my head on this ;)


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