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samples re-load but doesn't play in Ardour 5.3.0, since you launch Drumkv1 GUI

all is said in title, but more details here;
first, not sure if it's a Drumkv1 or Ardour bug or feature, and post here..

have that MIDI track in Ardour, with Drumkv1 lv2 plugin pre-fader (the one included in kxstudio repos from recent AVLinux)
everything's fine, can adjust samples volumes, etc, not a single crash very nice soft >> thanks for it by the way;)
then save the session and close it to go back to life without sound making

when re-start Ardour and hit play, no sound from Drumkv1 track
so, check connexion tabs, play another sound to the amp, scratch - head, have a coffee and maybe a cigarette
hit play again just in case, no sound

double clic on the plugin to show the GUI, every sample is in its place, with its own volume, etc
hit play, all is ok!
have found that, at session start, ONLY open/close the Drumkv1 GUI is enough to have it sounding well.

as said up here, not sure if it's a bug or feature, but maybe that post could help one to avoid scratch-head?!
have fun

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check your drumkv1 packaged version.

the issue you report is known to plague drumkv1 prior to v0.7.5 (and only on ardour as it seems).


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