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Bank and patch changes.

A quick question.

Can i make multiple bank and patch changes in a track, or is the bank and patch fixed for the track, and that's it?


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hi Alex, welcome back (if not for long :)

As you might know, from our previous discussions (that I fail to remember when exactly), Qtractor is modeled in this strict one track, one channel, one bank/program rule. So the answer is no, that's it :)

Even though a standard MIDI file may have several (bank/program) patch changes interleaved on the same channel or track, only the last one in the sequence will prevail when first imported into qtractor. Take care and notice of that rule, please. Once imported, the MIDI event sequence won't include any bank select (CC#0,32) or program change (PC) events but the one that's assigned to the Qtractor MIDI track property (which are sent out whenever appropriate and thus not part of the playback sequence).

(Yep, I can almost hear your disgust now, while me hides in my tiny home-studio cubicle, in fear of the mega, hyper, orchestral, sky-scrapping roaring moguls :o)


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