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Weird ZynAddSubFX behaviour

Hey man!
Using QTractor - nifty app, and I really like the way it looks, very techy and very inspiring.

I noticed a weird thing when making a tune - if I play Zyn using its Virtual keyboard, it sounds cool, with filter envelopes applied to the sound, etc. If I trigger Zyn with QTractor's midi channel, the notes sound flat, seems like no filter envelopes are applied to the notes and in general it sounds different. What can be the problem?

My version is 0.4.2

If required, I can send in the project, but if you want, you can reproduce this by loading a Zyn preset Synths[1]->Analog Filter 1.

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You mean you're triggering Zyn externally via MIDI (alsa-seq), right? What happens when you trigger it with vkeybd or vmpk or better yet, one true MIDI keyboard controller? (you do have one, don't you ?:)

Okay, I tested it with my midi keyboard and here's what I found.

Zyn's virtual keyboard assumes that you are pressing with maximum velocity. Qtractor assumes the opposite - that you press lightly.
When I played with my midi keyboard if I press fast I get the Zyn keyboard sound, if I press normally - I get what Qtractor does from piano roll.

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So it all boils down to velocity sensitivity.

Most MIDI keyboards, virtual or real, have some way to tweak the velocity range or sensitivity of their keys, usually by specifying a base/minimum velocity value on setup configuration.

On the other hand, while in Qtractor's MIDI clip editor (aka piano-roll, aka matrix) the velocity value may be only set in the lower view pane, where you can change event bar heights, up or down. Have notice that the last changed velocity value gets remembered as default for the next note you enter in the upper view pane (the piano-roll pane).


Okie - when I increased velocity in the piano roll - it worked fine!

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