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Question about MIDI event controller

It's my first post. Excuse me for poor english.

I'm trying Qtractor now. It is really simple and beautiful !

I have one question, about MIDI event controlloer in piano roll section.
I often use "CC11 Expression" control , for example, to make sounds fade in of fade out.
So, can I draw these controll events making smooth curve or line ?
Like some other sequence apps, for example, like this picture.

Thank you.

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As many things, that lil'feature you ask, is long overdue on the dusty TODO list, where you can still read the following line:

- MIDI editor (piano roll) draw mode.

that's it. :)


I understand.
I'm looking forward to this feature implemented.
If I can draw CC data, Qtractor is perfect for me !

I hope you'll keep on great work.
Thank you.

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