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Specifying a file without extension causes Qtractor to stop responding

Platform: Fedora 25
Software: qtractor 0.8.0
Source: Fedora repository

Observed behavior:
* reboot machine (superstition, and to ensure "nothing" else is running)
* start qJackCtl
* start qtractor
* File :: Save As
* Use 'tutorial' as the file name
* Click OK
* Qtractor stops responding

Expected behavior:
* Qtractor automatically adds the ".xml" extension or...
* Qtractor notifies the user that this is an error and how to correct it.

I discovered the solution (using .xml at the end of name) while testing my bug report. Thought I would pass this along anyway.

I find Qtractor really appealing. Thanks for making it available!


PS: Actually, I'm continuing to have problems with Qtractor becoming non-responsive. It seems to be connected with the file selection dialog. For example,
(1) I can open a saved project file, but only by selecting it from "Recent Files".
(2) When I start Qtractor and select "File :: Open::, the dialog doesn't show session files that I can select (I used a .xml extension, as I explained above)
(3) When I import a .flac file into an track, Qtractor stops responding. After force quit and restart of Qtractor, the track is there with the correct audio file.

Lemme know if there's anything I can do to help figure this out. Thanks again, n

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not entirely related but you're probably suffering from using a Gtk+ based desktop environments (DE) eg. gnome, xfce, etc. and their native file selection/browser dialogs (File/Open..., File/Save As... etc.). The issue seems to be aggravated when dealing with DE's which are already linked to Gtk3, which I think it's a fact on Fedora 25, while Qtractor is explicitly linked to Gtk2 as for its native LV2 plug-in UI support on Qt5 builds.

please try either or both of the following options:

  • View/Options.../Display/Options/Use desktop environment native dialogs: OFF.
  • View/Options.../Display/Custom/Style theme: choose any but "Gtk+" nor "(default)": "Plastique" (Qt4) and "Fusion" (Qt5) are the favorites here ;)


Yes, I should have mentioned I am running Gnome 3. (No accounting for taste, I guess... although I'll grant that the file dialogs are bad ;-)

I applied both your suggestions and now all file operations work exactly as expected.

Thanks very much for your help, and of course, thanks again for Qtractor and Qjackctl.


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