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recording 4 channel midi into ardour audio tracks

I am using python to generate a 4 channel midi stream sending the stream into the qsynth, in order to then record the output of the qsynth into 4 ardour audio mono tracks. Qsynth recieves different channels from python, but in qjackctrl there is only two qsynth output ports (named l_00 and r_00) each of which pack all the 4 midi channels. How should i connect each midi channel of the python stream with a separate midi channel on qsynth to be able to record 4 separate ardour audio-channels from them?


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Check Qsynth engine's Setup > Audio tab: some combination of 'Audio Channels', 'Audio Groups' and/or 'Multiple JACK channels' will make it like you wish :) IIRC.


I set up Audio Channels and Audio Groups and unset the "Dump MIDI router events" and it works. Thank you.

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