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Qtractor freezes opening file dialog

I have installed Qtractor 0.8.0 from the Ubuntu repositories on Xubuntu 17.04 using kernel 4.10.0-24-lowlatency.

Every time I try to open a file dialog in Qtractor, for example to configure plugin paths, the application locks up and has to be killed. This still leaves a zombie process running that I can't get rid of until I reboot the computer.

My first guess is that this is a QT-related issue, but I also have Qsynth and several other QT applications installed, and none of them have this problem.

I've tried running Qtractor from a terminal, but there is no output after it locks up.

I haven't found any reference to anyone else having this issue, so maybe it's a configuration issue on my system. Any ideas about how to diagnose what the problem is?

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you may try all of the following:

  • turn View > Options... > Display > Use desktop environment native dialogs OFF!
  • upgrade to the latest v0.8.2 or later (eg. from kxstudio repositories).


Thanks. Your first suggestion of changing the display settings worked. Wonderful.

(I looked for another repository to get a later version of Qtractor from, but without success. When I installed the kxstudio .debs a few days ago, a strange situation occurred where some systemd services failed to run for no apparent reason - no error messages, just not running. When I uninstalled the ksstudio repositories, the systemd services worked again. Just to make sure, I reinstalled kxstudio repos, and the systemd services failed again. Uninstalled kxstudio again, and the systemd services worked again. So I'm not willing to go near kxstudio until I work out what was happening.)

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kxstudio was just a suggestion--i'm not affiliated to it--but i'm sure you'll get some help on that if you raise an issue on .
otherwise, you can also do the upgrade by building and installing from source, can't you?

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