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delay compensation

does qtractor have any delay compensation when using plugins etc.

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there is none, period.

the only delay compensation there is in the form of recording compensation (based on audio input latency, as reported by jack).


does it apply to mixing tracks as well. what happens if a plugin adds delay to a track?

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again, nothing.

you either have to live with that (delay) effect or, if it becomes really annoying and not in hell the desired effect, you may always add up (manually) to (each) clip offset to compensate for: this would be no worse than any legendary--though automagic--plugin delay chain compensation, which is something not worth the effort (for a project like qtractor*) and that I find almost as a goose-chase just because not every plugin reports its true (and real-time) delay/latency anyhow, although there are some that do stand out in the crowd.

yes, you read it right, on my call, the whole effort to make it right, won't ever happen (from this keyboard at least:))
so why bother? i do have something else way more important to do in life :)

anyway, if you have some ideas to turn my head around, please do share or better yet, make it like a patch or a pull-request :)
don't despair, there's always hope

*ps. on the early design, more than a dozen years ago, having plugins was not that a core/original idea, tbh. that was JACK's prospect instead; then i indulged--it can happen again... who knows?

No. You have to compensate it manually if a plugin adds an audible delay.

For example you can add a delay of some milliseconds to each track and reduce it as appropriate.

Note that you get some delay (depending on jackd's period size) when creating an audio bus, connect it to Master out and connect a track to it. To get the timing tight you should use the same numer of "hops" for each track:

track 1 -> MasterOut
track 2 -> MasterOut
track 3 -> MasterOut


track 1 -> BusX -> MasterOut
track 2 -> BusX -> MasterOut
track 3 -> BusY -> MasterOut

but never

track 1 -> MasterOut
track 2 -> BusX -> MasterOut
track 3 -> BusY -> MasterOut

Maybe stupid idea but: Have you checked if there is a 'delay-plugin' available which you could add to those tracks you want to delay?

"Echo Delay Line (Maximum Delay 0.1s)", a LADSPA plugin from the "cmt" collection. Package name for Ubuntu is "cmt".

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