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My App (not)

Hi Rui and all,

I hope you don't mind me asking. I have been trying to make an App for myself in Qt. Failure several times. I downloaded and studied your Qtractor source code (Amazing work by the way), I got so far then got lost. I have an 8 in Audio Card and I have some nice Licensed Channel Strip VST's.

I'd like a QtWindow, (soundcard detect) audio in ->myvstchannel strip-> audio out. The channel strip to be hard coded, not added as a Plug in, like in a Daw.

Could you please give me a clue, I've spent months trying to figure it out!

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hi IanB, one hell of a question you got there :) i'm afraid i can't really answer whether in full or in part, but I can try.

First you probably have to distinguish or separate your problems there:

a. is it your problem to come up with a Qt/widgets application in the first place?
b. or is it that you don't figure how to program/interface/integrate the audio/soundcard/pcm device into a Qt/C++ application?
c. all of the above but those should be separate problems anyway.

To solve problem a. looking at Qtractor is not going to help you much just because it's a horrendous bloat of code, most of it highly specific to its own purposes (an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer, remember?). You should have picked from the plenty of Qt examples, to begin with.

To approach b. you'll have to come up with a call on whether you wish to rely on JACK or ALSA or whatever. I'd recommend you to RtAudio for a start. It's kinda cross-platform enough so you don't have to learn the hell of specifics to JACK, ALSA, Windows WASAPI, OSX CoreAudio, etc.


Super impressed you replied Rui, I've been asking around, Qt forums couldn't help.The guys there are very helpful, but aren't Audio wizards. I had to show them Qtractor!! I have the SteingbergSDK, JUCE and Qt.

Mostly b. above. Getting the Channel Strip VST into a Qt widget, would be my biggest hurdle. I was thinking of Windows, but I use Linux too

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One immediate million-dollar question then stands out from your last reply: if you know JUCE, which I believe have VST support bolted in, why Qt ? ;)


I only know the Juce basics. building a basic app is easy with the "Projucer", but I'm more familiar with Qt. There is actually a JUCE/Qt exporter, which I've used several times, but it's old and un-maintained. And if I needed any UI controls, I certainly wouldn't use JUCE controls, and importing the Juce Libs into a Qt project is tricky! But, as I don't want to take up your precious time, I'll keep on until I get it! Obrigado!

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