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Where to add midi instrument files?

Am loving Qtractor and really enjoying the free midi sounds and instruments that come with it.. I know there is lots to play with out of the box, but I also know that pretty soon I am going to be searching around some new midi sounds and instruments..
Is there a straightforward way of just adding some to Qtractor? Maybe a directory I can put some files of a particular format into? Would like to be able to start building some libraries of instruments and sounds, for example I like Whysynth and would like to be able to add some sounds to it..


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You must know that Qtractor does not come with any instruments at all.

What you can do is
- add plugin instruments into a MIDI track or bus; LV2, VST or DSSI plugin types are supported (LADSPA is for audio fx only, no instruments);
- drive an external software instrument via MIDI and JACK (eg. yours truly Qsynth);
- drive an outboard hardware instrument via MIDI;
none of the above are provided nor distributed by Qtractor itself; you have to install or otherwise get them from their respective vendors or distribution.


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