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qjackctl session. hydrogen. song not found

Good day!

I am trying to use session saving functionality in qjacktl 0.4.5. When saving an existing session of hydrogen 0.9.7, the song I'm working on is automatically determined, but only the name of the file in which it is located is saved (see 1_qjackctl_session.png).

When loading this session, hydrogen does not find a song just by the file name (see 2_hydrogen_song_not_found.png), it needs the full path to it (see 3_hydrohen_success.png).

How can I save a session in qjackctl so that when I load session hydrogen find a song and open it?

Screenshots attached, thanks in advance for your help!

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looks like it is Hydrogen that is not playing right when asked to save its command under JACK session request.

as a matter of fact it is hydrogen that's missing to prefix the filename in its command line arguments with "${SESSION_DIR}", literally as required by the JACK session protocol spec--that is in your example: "${SESSION_DIR}Klen.h2song".

so please ask the hydrogen devs to fix the JACK session callback procedure as it is not a qjackctl issue per se.


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