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Qjackctl + MODDUO Audio Through USB (netone) --> Qtractor?

Hello Rui, or whomever else has a perspective on this issue:

Recently, I purchased a MOD DUO pedal--not necessarily for recording, but apparently by using netJACK, the pedal can output audio over a network and directly into an audio sequencer. This is a preferred routing method for tracking using the device given latency issues recording through the box and into a soundcard: i.e., two instances of ADC-->DAC.

There are resources in the MOD DUO community for routing audio through netJACK, and it's relatively straightforward ( The MOD DUO unfortunately only uses a browser plugin instead of having a standalone application, but I can successfully run the commands in the terminal to create slave outputs which show in their browser plugin. But that's about as far as I can get.

My issue comes from routing that signal through qjackctl and into an audio sequencer like qtractor in this case. I set the driver to netone, but after that, I can't figure a way to connect the signal from the
browser through qjackqtl and into an audio sequencer. It doesn't display as any new signal source in the connections window. I hope this is enough info to go off of, but please ask if you need any further clarification on what the issue is. Thanks a bunch for any guidance you all may have!


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Hi, probably this has nothing to do with qjackctl nor qtractor per se but to netjack in general: one reason is that qjackctl is not specially adequate to setup a netjack configuration; you're better of starting totally on the command line on both ends: the master (the mod-duo?) and the slave(s).

Only after you get it all sorted out working up and running you may refer to qjackctl for further connections and client stuff.

Make sure you read the official walk-through's, depending on the version you're after: either NetJACK 1 or NetJACK 2.


Thanks for the tips, and the honest advice about qjackctl. And big thanks for the links on the netJACK walkthroughs! It may end being more trouble than its worth, but I figured it was worth asking about.

Much obliged!

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