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made some midnam MIDI instrument definitions


I've made a bunch of .midnam's available. I wrote them. Maybe some folks here use the same (or similar) devices, and can use them either directly or want to modify for similar devices. This batch includes, for now, the following devices:

  • Alesis MicroVerb4
  • Digitech DSP128+
  • Lexicon MPX500
  • Lexicon MX200
  • MFB Tanzbär
  • Novation BassStationII

These .midnam's are rather complete, and contain MIDI Controllers, MIDI Notes (for the drum machine), and Patches/Program Changes.

You can find the files on github


  • I'm still struggling with BSII's NPN/NRPN for which the original specs from provide, but I haven't found a way to implement this yet. I found that the BSII also responds to the main CC#, thus providing 7bit resolution for ie. Filter Cutoff instead of the BSII's 8bit resolution. So if anyone finds a way, please keep me posted here, find me on freenode or do a PR on github and I would be most obliged.
  • I've set the files to the channels I have the respective devices on. Edit the channel in the .midnam to suit your own setup. Is there a better way than this? Let me know or PR :)

Have fun!

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Wholly thanks for your contribution at0m

although not specific to qtractor alone, it is a very good contributions to all parties, I am just glad it is being proposed here.

thanks again.

ps. what's really a BSII ? I seem to fail to know what that stands for (in this context at least).

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I'm sorry, by BSII meant (Novation) BassStationII. Since the device is in the list before that, I assumed I'd get away with shortening it. Seems not :D

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