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Carla-rack lv2 GUI seems broken

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Hello everyone,

Apologies if qtractor is not at fault here but I came across the other day and would really like to come up with a similar workflow although I have no intention of using LMMS due to its annoying inability to handle font scaling. That said, I'm trying to use Carla instead.

Qtractor 0.9.7
Carla 2.0.0

In Qtractor, create a MIDI bus named "Carla Rack" and assign the Carla Rack lv2 plugin to output (also enable with the little green button)

The plugin displays as expected but something goes wrong when the GUI is maximized (see attached image). I'm wondering if someone could help me figure out how to overcome this. Perhaps I need to add a compile option or have a particular version of a package installed?

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it is not broken, it just doesn't seem to cope with GUI window resize which seems to be on a fixed static size;

fyi. all Carla LV2 plugin GUIs do show and behave here as same as you.

not sure it's a qtractor issue though, because many other LV2 plugins on Gtk and Qt GUIs do show up at correct size and respond nicely to window resizing (eg. the calf, the vee-ones, etc.).

on the other hand, at least on my system, the Carla-Rack LV2 GUI behaves even worse on jalv and ardour6, either crashing on show or having a plain black window that cannot be resized at all.

go figure.


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