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Keyboard shortcuts not working fully

I tried to set a few keyboard shortcuts.

1 = Edit Off
2 = Edit On
3 = Edit Draw
Ctrl W = File/Close (to quickly close a MIDI window)
C = create new Clip

But when closing and opening the window these shortcut entries have disappeared (ie I cannot even see the Shortcuts, eg Edit Off, or File/Close (I think it was called)).

I cannot find them in the config file either (in my home folder). So I cannot edit them there. And only assigned shortcuts seems to be written in the Qtractor.conf.

The Shortcuts list seems to be context sensitive in that it displays different shortcuts in different windows and depending on what is selected in the main window.

Or have I misunderstood how it should work? Please let me know if you need any more info for debugging.

Running Qtractor 0.9.9.

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hi once again

please note that this is all tricky business, because:
a. qtractor's main application window (tracks) and the MIDI clip editor window (aka. piano-roll) have different sets of keyboard shortcuts; check each own Help >- Shortcuts... menu;
b. keyboard shortcuts do only work on the window that is currently active or has input focus (and this might be overridden by some if not all DE/WM's);
c. and probably last but not least important, single letter pc-keyboard shortcuts are not that really advisable... better results are known to work with combinations of keyboard modifiers (Shift, Ctrl, Alt);
d. note that, for instance, key "A" (capital "a") is exactly the same as "Shift+A", so you now have a clue what to avoid... hint: avoid single key shortcuts as much as you can ;)


Ah, I will investigate this further then, and stay clear of single letter shortcuts (but I like them :) ).

Thank you for your quick reply and explanation!


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