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dark themes

Is it possible to use dark themes with the appimage instances of Qjackctl (or the vee-one plugins, Qsampler, etc.)? I always see these screenshots with the darker colors, and I have a darker theme on my desktop environment (Lubuntu 18.04). But these color settings don't seem to translate into the appimage versions like they do with the older distribution installs.

Not a big deal... just cosmetic... A "1st world problem" as the saying goes.


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hi cfirwin3

as far as qjackctl is concerned--and also any other Qt-based app for that matter--the dark-theme always goes as the same as the current/default desktop environment/window-manager (DE/WM) own color theme.

in the case of the screenshots you've been seeing, it's the old as KDE4's "Wonton Soup" color theme.

however, I believe, if you switch your desktop color theme then all Qt-based applications will follow accordingly... note that most probably you'll need qt5ct installed for some if not any non-Qt DE/WM's to do just that.

otoh. in the qtractor front, there's a specific option to set and even edit its color themes: main menu View > Options... > Display > Custom > Color theme...


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