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Piano Roll Keys

Hi again,

I just noticed that keys in piano roll are not displaying MIDI notes being played. Is that something that can be added?

All the best,

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the piano-keys on the left side of the MIDI clip ediitor (aka. piano-roll) only display the current key being hovered with the mouse cursor.


One small thing that would be really useful would be to have the entire row shadowed or highlighted when a key on the left is hovered over.

that would be excellent, I must agree

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on the left-pane, virtual/vertical piano keys, just click and drag up or down a bit to select the row of notes you ask


I think he means horizontal note row highlighting when the mouse cursor just hovers over the piano keyboard keys without clicking on anything

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Ok. I'll try to make as you ask
just don't know when or how soon'ish :)


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made it come true on qtractor >=

now, the said "whole note row shade" is only visible when you hover or click on the left-pane virtual/vertical keyboard.

the next question that ensues goes like: should it be
a. always visible whenever you hover the mouse pointer on the piano-roll; or
b. should a. be an user preference option ?
you tell me

[UPDATE:] as of qtractor >= option a. is stuck to business. now, question to you all is whether option b. might be a good idea. ;)

^- current note blue-shade line (hovering) -^

^- current note red-shade line (click/preview) -^

what do u think?

Option a is as cool as it gets, and is very suitable color-wise. Option b also looks rad, I don't even know.. I'd decide by flipping a coin c:
But I think option a is a safe choice anyhow. (not that I advocate safe choices :))

I love it so much, I'm probably going to go compile it! :)

Running a freshly compiled git checkout ATM. This is an absolute game-changing killer feature. Total productivity booster!!! Greatness!

Also, I really love it.


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