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Hidden menu bar disables shortcuts


New member here (Although I've been commenting on the blog).

I've just noticed that when the menu bar is hidden ( to make some room) the shortcuts don't work. This seems to be the case for the main window and clip editor.

Is there a particular reason for this?

I'm on 0.9.11


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nope, that is not the case here.

otherwise how could one restore the menu bar(s) ? i mean to restore a menu bar visibility you need to hit a shortcut (Ctrl+M).


ps. it sounds like your desktop environment (DE) integration for Qt applications are way too deeply broken :(

Ok, after doing more test, I realized that it's not all shortcuts, but the ones related to zooming (in, out and reset). Ctrl++, Ctrl+-,Ctrl+1. don't respond.

Could you please confirm this?

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yes, I can now confirm that the View > Zoom shortcuts stop working when the menu bar is hidden.

and, I really don't know why :/

i guess one has to live with with that ... you can still use the Ctrl+mouse-wheel for horixontal zooming though ;)


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good catch!

and then, please don't hide the menu/toolbar if you can; in these times of 4K moving to 8K and beyond, what's the use anyway? ;)


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