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Carla plugin missing


Thank you so much for making Qtractor!

I have used it to make some classical violin music, I couldn't have made it otherwise. However at some point Qtractor stopped working, specifically the sound was all wonky.. perhaps because of the new version update.. I'm bad with computers so please indulge me.. I waited for several months, doing other things, and perhaps that error has self-corrected, but now I can get no sound at all because, and this is the (hopefully only) problem I pose now:

When I go to the mixer, I see that none of my tracks have plugins. I used the plugin for Carla in the past, but it appears to be no longer available among the plugin selections, therefore evidently no sound is produced. I just need a plugin for an sfz soundfont file, then hopefully everything will work again.

As you can see I have only about twenty seconds of music, but it's quality stuff, and all made possible by you! :D Please if you have any suggestions I would be really grateful. I remember when I searched for an sfz-compatible plugin initially, I had great difficulty finding one that I could understand how to install and use on my Ubuntu system.


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well, for Carla related questions you'll have to ask someone else, sorry!

Qtractor is not the purveyor of any plugins whatsoever, so you probably need perhaps poking on their respective vendors, so to speak!

in the specific case of Carla I'm sure falkTX will so the honors: check it out in

of course you have to install and update to the right packages or else depending on your Linux distro (I seem to read that it's Ubuntu? so why don't you go full ahead the kxstudio route?)


OK thanks for the clarifications, I think it's encouraging news. I won't give up!

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