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rtirq install

Hi Rui,

It seems that installing the rtirq-init package is not enough, one has to manually
in /etc/default/grub
and then do
sudo update-grub

is that correct?

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yes, you're totally correct, congratulations ;)

rtirq was, and still is for that matter, posed for the real-time kernel PREEMPT_RT branch of the Linux kernel (check; linux-rt-user at maillist;; etc.)

most of that work, as it boiled down to ground way more than a decade old, got sneaked in the main vanilla so called "Linus" kernel ever since somewhere v2.6.x, I don't recall precisely; but the most important part was/is certainly the "threadirqs" kernel boot parameter that makes it (rtirq that is) accessible to the masses--and that's what you already know ;)


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I've updated the readme with this information and made a merge request

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merged, thanks.

keep up the good deeds


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