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Qtractor for live setup


I´m trying to build my new setup using QT as my main sequencer, working on a Raspberry sending midi to some hardware synths. Now I´m using one track for each instrument and works like a charm. I´d like to use just one project for the entire gig so that I don´t have to be digging into menus with a mouse, and the only option that comes to my mind is chaining all the songs one after the other so I can stop between songs with a single button touch. Am I doing it right or is there any other better solution?

Thank you very much!

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I'm afraid there's isn't much of a instant solution... you could put the lineup into a (shell) script, taking use of the command line command:

qtractor /path/to/session-file-1.qtr
qtractor /path/to/session-file-2.qtr

just an idea, though you have no escape from clicking a couple of times anyway, at least to quit from the current session and proceed to the next...

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