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Qtractor for live setup


I´m trying to build my new setup using QT as my main sequencer, working on a Raspberry sending midi to some hardware synths. Now I´m using one track for each instrument and works like a charm. I´d like to use just one project for the entire gig so that I don´t have to be digging into menus with a mouse, and the only option that comes to my mind is chaining all the songs one after the other so I can stop between songs with a single button touch. Am I doing it right or is there any other better solution?

Thank you very much!

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I'm afraid there's isn't much of a instant solution... you could put the lineup into a (shell) script, taking use of the command line command:

qtractor /path/to/session-file-1.qtr
qtractor /path/to/session-file-2.qtr

just an idea, though you have no escape from clicking a couple of times anyway, at least to quit from the current session and proceed to the next...

I don't have a solution and have never tried to solve this problem but I do have thoughts....

I tend to think Qtractor is the wrong tool for the job here. Given your workflow, Qtractor seems to fit on the composing side. For playback, I'd export the songs to .mid files (be sure to properly specify the correct SMF Format as there's a version for single track output vs. multiple tracks). From there, I would find a console based solution and drive the playing of each .mid file via a shell script as pointed out earlier. The only concern I might have would be related to any special handling of MIDI busses related to each song. If that's not a concern for reasons you'd know better than me, then a console based player driving those .mid files would be the way I'd go. That would free you to concern yourself with the script itself. It could be as simple as looping over a static playlist with a "press any key" input grab between each or could get more interesting in order to accommodate something more dynamic. That'd be up to you and your comfort in terms of scripting.

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