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Howto catch my laptop's microphone ?

I use Jack as the core for remote Jaming with Jamulus. Here below is the connections where the audio device being used is my external hw:CODEC usb beringher uca202 that currently sends a drum line I can ear in the headphone plugged in the UCA (Monitor OFF), as well as my mates instruments when thet are on-line (not ATM).
Many thanks for a hint

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I think you should go into pulseaudio control panel and select the proper input channel... or better don't use pulseaudio at all when running JACK...
ps. sorry, no great fan of pulseaudio here :)

I'm not a fan myself. PA sink and source appeared in QJackCtl once I changed some setting in the GUI.
Is the field "Server Prefix" in Parameters/Advanced filled with pasuspender -- jackd would make disappear PA out of QJackCtl and make my mic available ?

No it doesn't : even with PA entries removed out off the (then reloaded) patch bay and jackd restarted, PA entries come back automatically in Connections windows (even after I disabled "Enable Patch Bay Persistence") and restarted jackd.
Should I uninstall pulseaudio ?

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I really can't give you much help here: but have you tried to redirect the internal mic through PA and then read its input from the PA JACK Sink?

I guess you must do that at least once, otherwise I cannot foresee it working anyhow... but again, I'm not the best source of knowledge re. PA... ;)

OTOH. if you want to put PA out of the picture, you can try to just uninstall the pulseaudio-module-jack package ie. NOT the whole pulseaudio installation, otherwise you'll end with a severely crippled linux desktop sound system and probably you will surely regret that ;)

Note you can always re-install pulseaudio-module-jack back later to get your stuff as it were before this trouble.

You may also have to edit ~/.pulse/client.conf and make it say autospawn = no, but twice again, i'm no expert on this.

And don't EVER touch the "Advance" settings tab on QjackCtl! If you done that already then you're doomed! :) Haven't you read the warning in the top there? Please revert all your changes you possibly have committed in there and hope for the best ;)

Then resort to Options tab > Scripting, and maybe set it like this:

[x] Execute script on Startup: [pulseaudio -k] -> terminates PA before starting the JACK server.
[x] Execute script after Shutdown: [pulseaudio -D] -> restarts PA after the JACK server terminates.


Thank you so much Rui, I really appreciate your help. I will try all these tips, along with another someone directed me to : alsa_in -d hw:0 which gives Capture open error: Device or resource busy until now, even I just removed pulseaudio-module-jack on my own... and pa sink/source kept on connecting on jackd start... and jackd won't start anymore now :-D
And yes I read the warning comment on top of Advanced, but I had to tweak that at the time I thought I'd be lucky enough to have my Pandora (44k1) act as a 48k device for Jamulus over Jack. I gave up and bought the UCA202... and forgot the settings changes :-( so maybe I'll also need to purge Jack/QJackCtl and delete all left behind config (~/.jackrc , xml conf,* files then reinstall now I understand a little bit more). Surely it is also time to drop the distro-supplied releases to jump to the latest (1.9.10>14 & 0.4.2>0.6.2).

Thanks for all again

I wander why there isn't more questions topics here, am I in the good place?

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