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Enable Replace on Record

How do I set Qtractor so when I punch in (especially vocals or instruments) I only hear myself playing now and not the previous (flawed) recording too. On playback also, I only want to hear the last punch, not all previous recordings. This is the way old tape recorders worked, and Ardour also records by default.

I've probably messed around too much and checked some boxes I shouldn't have. I love the way Qtractor is more intuitive because Rui has thought about the music-making process, rather than just recreating the old recording process (I was a recording engineer in Hollywood back in the 2-inch 24-track tape days. Just overcoming all the technical problems was half the job). I'm also really happy that so many plug-ins work. Just this one thing I can't figure out.


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Hi, thanks a lot for your kind thoughts.

Unfortunately there's no such a lever or box to check, as to make it do like you ask: new recorded clips on same track will simply overlap on the existing one; this being the way overdubbing is done in qtractor terms :)

To make it like you ask, replace as in overwrite on record, you need to mute the last take or existing track and add a new track where you'll record into next take or time. Yes, not that a turn-key one-click procedure, I know ;)

Keep safe.

Okay, thanks for the quick response. It's good to know things are just different here, I'll have to work a bit differently -- probably good for me!

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