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Whenever I open up this website with a new browser, I get an untrusted connection warning. I think this has to do with a mismatched SSL cert. Once permanently accepted, the warning is no longer seen, and the warning is easily forgotten.

Is this intentional? I'm concerned that a lot of people may not be using Qtractor because they can't reach this site.


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I don't know when it started but the correct domain name to this site is "" (not just "").

the SSL certificate is issued for the www. subdomain only and it's of course valid on this date.

thanks for your concern, much appreciated!

It looks like the server is set to redirect from to after the certificate has been evaluated. On the next SSL renewal, you may want to consider adding * as a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) so the cert will be valid for both. More info:

The reason I recommend this is primarily because I love Qtractor, and I want more people to see it. Also, because it is common these days for people to type in a URL without the WWW. I noticed that KVR also posts updates about Qtractor without the "www."

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hi hordak,
many thanks again for your concern.
would you please now repeat your kind assessment: the certificate has been renewed to apply to "" and "" from this date,.
hopefully it is now ok :)
thanks && cheers

Fantastic! I'm not seeing the connection error now. Hopefully, we'll see more people use your work. Thank you!

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