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One midi track to several plugin instruments

Hi, thanks again for Qtractor, it's the sequencer I keep coming back to.

But I've got a problem I can't seem to figure out. Is it possible to have one midi track feeding several different plugin instruments, each on their own track? For example, one midi track for programming drums, which feeds through to several drumkv1 instances and maybe a samplv1 or two?

I've tried creating a new 'drums' midi bus, then using this as the output of the main track and the inputs of the individual instruments, but it doesn't seem to work.

I hope I've explained what I mean well enough...


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i don't think I understand you question

a. one MIDI track always maps to one MIDI channel (one of 16) and each with its own plugin chain (1:1);
b. one or more MIDI tracks may converge to a (same) MIDI output bus which then merges all tracks channels (N:1) into its plugin chain;

in any case you can have more than one instrument plugin, and it's probably exactly what you might be asking for; however that will only work iif the plugins features audio pass-through and mix-down iow. they accept audio input from a predecessor and mixes the generated signal into output and so on...

not all instrument plugins present this needed requisite (oh yes, any of the vee-ones do, you're lucky:) so, if not, then you ought to resort to something like Carla or else to the rescue :)


Thanks, looks like multiple plugins on the same track should work for me.

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