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Shortcuts not working in Editor Window (


I have equal keyboard shortcuts for Main window and Editor window like e.g Ctrl-A / Strg-A to select all. By the new option activated to keep editor windows on top of the main window e.g. Ctrl-A doesn't work any longer. This affects all equal shortcuts I have tested so far.

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wholy crap... that's the price you'll have to take for that new option I'm afraid...

and if I remember it well, it seems to be exactly the reason why it was dropped years ago...

sorry to tell :/

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Ok, then I'm going to edit the keyboard shortcuts in editor windows.
Any chance to get this "fixed/changed" some time?

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Well, no, not that easy

the moment you opt in to get all editors (MIDI clip piano rolls) always on top, you're saying that they all "belong to the king" which is, tada! the main application window (session tracks) which in turn, for that matter, becomes the receiver of your desktop pc-keyboard shortcuts.

yes, there was once a reason to not doing this before, and now you may get the payback caveat, so to speak...

there was once an option to make this _deeply_ dependent on the WM in charge and, as you may well already figured it out, that's not going to be tamed again any day soon... it could be hacked, one way or the other, but quite frankly I rather not go either way...

but hey, it's open-source, did you know it? ;)

so sorry && thanks

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maybe fixed on qtractor >=

expect some undefined behavior though, mostly depending on the window manager (WM) in charge...


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Yes, I know it's Open Source. I'm a programmer as a hobbyist, though I learned programming in Pascal. C is too complicated for me, so there's no way to make my own modified version. However, tested the new version which shows up as 0.9.19. I'm using JWM window manager and by now the editor windows aren't staying on top any longer - no matter if option is activated or deactivated.

I didn't know that this feature was once dropped as for the issues on keyboard shortcuts. I don't mind if you drop this feature again, as I found out right now I can keep editor windows on top by a JWM window menu. Though, I need to activate this each time when opening an editor window. I can live with that.

Thanks for the hard work trying to add this feature. If you want me to test anything else, let me know, send me PM at LM. :)

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added extra hint on v0.9.18.17git.b39261 but I'm sure the WM may always decide on its own :(

FYI. this new feature works ok on kwin (KDE/Plasma WM).

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That's strange. Right now I compiled
Editor window again stays on top of main window, AAANNNND: keyboard shortcuts are received by the editor window!


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OK. Thanks, it's probably the effect of that "extra hint" ;)


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