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Is sidechaining still a thing..?

Hi All..

Just been trying to follow the only tutorial I can find re sidechaining in Qtractor;

But this was done on an earlier version (0.6.3) and so I cant seem to replicate it (I am using 0.9.12). I get unstuck when he chooses the 2 tracks he wants to sidechain, then selects 'dedicated' output. There is no 'dedicated' option that I can see..

This tutorial uses Ducka, but I seem to have several sidechain plugins and am hoping I can use the same method for those too..

Any ideas?

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everything should apply still...

for you to see, the missing option appears on the (right-click) context-menu to plugin list boxes of MIDI tracks or buses only, last sub-menu item: Audio > Dedicated.


ps. and 'sidechaining' has been never a thing here, sorry to tell :)

I do not get the same options when I right-click, that is why I made this post.. See attached pic..

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and then it was said the it "only" happens on MIDI tracks or buses, remember?

Really..!? I did not notice that.. Only midi? I cant sidechain audio tracks?

Not sure why I missed that, but I created a midi track and exactly as you say, the option 'dedicated' is showing on right click.. What a pity I cant sidechain audio tracks..
Thank you again..!!

Worked out how to sidechain an audio track. Probably a known thing but if not, it may help another noob like me..
Export the 2 audio tracks (seperately). Create 2 midi tracks and use the plugin samplv1 for each one. Load in one of the audi tracks into samplev1 and create a single note, the length of the project, in the piano roll (make sure it is the right note or the pitch will be out).
You should now have 2 midi tracks with the audio tracks mounted in and can sidechain them..

Would be nice if there was a sidechain facility built into each track (audio and midi) that could be linked to other tracks with a simple click or two.. Will put this on my Xmas wish list, but I have heard that Santa is self-isolating, so maybe next year..

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