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How to map samples to the drumkv1 elements?


Sorry if this question is lame, but I just started playing with drumkv1, so I'm not familiar with some basic stuff.

I got a good pack with TR808 samples, so my question is how do I map each sample to the right position/key on the drumkv1? I am not sure if I am making sense here :-)

For what I understood, I need to load samples into drumkv1 (element is what is called, right?). So, once I have each audio sample "mapped" to the elements, then I can control or use it when I create/editing midi. Is that right?


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yes, you're mostly correct on the general nomenclature of things :)

I wonder why you didn't guess it at first sight;) on the top-left "Element / Sample" table listing, highlight the desired element line, double-click on it or in the right-click/context-menu > Open Sample..., then browse and select the audio sample file that will get "mapped" to that "element" (and "key" or "note").

of course this operation is only possible from the native GUI: surely you'll have a hard time on this from a generic/stock plugin UI, most especially on ardour, where it will too much cumbersome, if possible at all. ;)



Ok...I am feeling better now :-) So, just to confirm. If I have a bass drum or a kick drum sample, I would load it to the element 36, right?

Sorry for this, but all the elements that are named after the notes/keys, like D 7 or A#, what are they good for? I didn't know we can have a percussion like a kick drum with key A. I always thought that drums don't have notes/keys. Sorry, my music theory knowledge is near zero.

Thank you so much!

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oh no, it's nothing related to music theory whatsoever...

the names that you see on each slot are purely conventional, coming from the GM 1 Sound Set listed below on the "General MIDI Level 1 Percussion Key Map".

if you don't like the standard names you can of course turn them off (Help > Configure... > Use GM standard drum names) and only display the note names.


Yes, the key map between 35 and 81 I understood. I meant the other key name like A#. Is that drumkv1 specific or is a standard for example to name the key #24 C1?

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it's just about the ones that the GM standard made up names for you... you may of course (ab)use anything between 0 (C-1) to 127 (G9), the so called MIDI note spectrum range.


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