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How can I see the results of a midi chord plugin?


I don't know any music theory and have become interested in exploring chords. That said, I've added the x42 Midi Chord lv2 plugin to a track and when I press a key, I can hear a chord. OK Great! My problem however, is that I do not understand how to visualize the output of the chord plugin. I'd like to see what notes are being added as I listen for what I'm looking for in real time.

All ideas welcome (except actually learning about chords.... heh)

Thanks in advance


Spent some time fishing around and came up with a working solution based on Carla and jack-keyboard. Here's what I've got:

Run jack-keyboard

In Qtractor
1. Create a MIDI bus named CHORD
2. Create a MIDI track that outputs to CHORD MIDI bus

In Carla
1. Add MIDI Chord plugin to rack
2. Add a instrument plugin (I personally just use Calf Fluidsynth with a basic GM piano)
3. Using the patchbay, connect a2j's CHORD capture to Midi Chord event-in
4. Connect Midi Chord's event-out to the midi_in of jack-keyboard as well as the event-in of your instrument plugin
5. Connect the audio outputs of the instrument appropriately

Now, back in Qtractor, either open piano roll or just select the track and play a single note. The note will be routed through Midi Chord plugin and the result will be heard as well as displayed visually via jack-keyboard

Back inside Carla, click on the plugin's little wrench icon to tweak the plugin on the Parameters tab.

Pretty cool!

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hi, yes the additional notes are generated on-the-fly by the plugin and then sent out directly to output through the plugin chain so you can hear it.

what you may have to visualize all those notes clearly depends on the receiving MIDI instrument or plugin that goes next after the chord plugin: some may have a virtual piano keyboard of sorts that shows you the keys being pressed for the notes that appear on its input (eg. all the Vee-Ones do have one of these; last time I've checked, Carla has one too).

truth is, qtractor has no (current) means to show that at all, sorry :)


Yea, it's all good. Just took a little while to get a work flow going. I started with the Carla keyboard but made the jump to jack-keyboard just so I could have the little guy in a floating window. Makes things a bit easier to deal with.

All the best,

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