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What are those 4 knobs for?


I do like your plugin, but the lack of documentation hold me back a little. Nothing major, but there are a few things that I don't know. Those 4 knobs on top, I cannot figure out what are they for:

- Group
- Coarse
- Fine
- Env.Time

So, it would be helpful if you could give a brief comment on the above.

Thank you.

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- Group - exclusive group: elements of the same group number (1..128) cancel each other; eg. useful for hit-hats, where open and close should not hold play at the same time.
- Coarse - course tuning; on octave percentage (-4..0..+4);
- Fine - fine tuning; on semitone percentage (-1..0..+1);
- Env.Time - envelope time; on percentage of 2sec/stage (0..100%); auto=sample length.


I still don't get Group. In your example, Closed hit-hat is element number 42 and Open hi-hat is element 46. So, how do I use Group to prevent both to play at the same time?

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yes, exactly: just set both elements to the same group number and that's it!


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