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Qjackctl graph view shows multiples of same device?

Under the Qjackctl Graph view it shows two of every device attached. And further to this there is no way to deleted them and they are placed at far ends of the view requiring multiple scrolling left and right. Sometimes one device is way WAY down the bottom requiring dragging the scroll bar at left enormous amounts, vis a vis for the horizontal scroll too.

Is there something wrong with this view and its image controls?


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terminal hardware devices are always split to their inputs and output sides, and that's intentional.

older qjackctl versions were indeed prone to that layout "dispersion" but recent ones do not go so far unless you already have run the devices on older versions at least once so that they persist in the previous saved location (which was too far from the center long ago).

you can overcome this annoyaince by bringuing/moving back those far away to a close location or you can start from scratch as new installation by removing the configuration file away (~/.config/; while qjackctl is not running).


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