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Suggestions for take recording

Hi Rui,

did some MIDI take recording here to automate my workflow. I just realized there is (now?) a function to cycle through my takes in both directions. Nice, I configured a keyboard shortcut immediately :-)

Here a two suggestions:
1. Put the focus on the just recorded clip
You always have to grab the mouse for activating the just recorded clip. To cycle through takes you have to stop recording, grab the mouse, mark the clip and then you can cycle through the takes. This workflow can not be assigned to a midi controller. Is it possible to activate the just recorded clip?

2. Show "take 4/7" if there a seven takes on the bottom left of a clip instead of "take 4". Not really an issue, just for convenience.



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hi, thanks.

might well be feasible on both both accounts :)


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all in qtractor >=

cheers && thanks

ps. interesting git sha1 abbreviation btw.;)


it works, thanks a lot.

A not 2 bad feature would be an understatement. :)


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