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Theme thread

Does anyone care to share their qtractor theme? I'd share mine but it seems to be broken for whatever reason. That got me thinking that it would be fun to see what other people have done. If you have something you'd like to share, please attach it to your reply.

All the best

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if you're asking for a color theme/palette here attached is my favorite one.
(download, gunzip, rename to .conf and import on the palette editor)


ps. non exclusive to qtractor, you may import the same into most if not all of the qstuff including the vee-ones ;)

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This is certainly a very nice looking theme.

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I'd love to try some new themes, but where do I find this Palette Editor?


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View > Options... > Display > Custom > Color theme > [...]

Thank you for the contribution! Looking forward to checking this out.

Here's my current theme.

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Still really hoping to see this undergo some serious surgery. I just spent an embarrassingly long time trying to put together a theme and basically getting nowhere. Given the fact there is absolutely no consistent way to associate a given color "thing" with what it's going to actually impact, one has to resort to the "make a single change, restart all the things to see what it changes" tactic. Since I started from a .conf that was created via the export button, I'd just go in, edit the .conf, and re-impor it. That's the first bug..... upon import of a valid .conf, Qtractor just kinda pukes a little as far as its colors go. It's almost like it just doesn't know how to actually import and makes a freaked out attempt to reset to whatever default colors it thinks it should use. At that point, you have to exit Qtractor and start it up again to see the changes. Ok, so that's the pain felt when actually trying to test changes...... moving on to the more important stuff...

There is absolutely NO intuitive way to understand what things named "Mid, Light, PlaceholderText, NoRole, and others actually impact. Worse still, is that they don't actually seem to impact anything. Really, the only "objects" that seem to impose any real change are Window (the main GUI), Base (pulldown menus and background color of windows), Buttons (oh my god, there are so many more buttons than you'd expect). Needless to say, these color "objects" are so poorly named and even for the obvious stuff, the scope of each goes so far beyond what one would expect.

I almost forgot about the whole "Active", "Inactive", "Disabled" thing. What is active? What is Inactive? For example, If we had a color object associated to a Track, yea, we know what an active track is (though "selected" would probably be better) vs. a inactive track. We don't have stuff like that though and are left wondering "WTF is a inactive or disabled WIndow?" LOL

Also, there's so many things that appear to be entirely hard-coded. I can't for the life of me, change the color of a highlighted track. The icons seem to be using actual images. The play-ahead and other vertical lines have their own hard-coded colors. The grid colors can't be touched. I'm sure I'm missing other things.

The main point here is that Qtractor is such an awesome piece of software and there's no reason I can think of to not allow it to shine visually. Even being able to tell if the "Loop" button is actually enabled would be such a huge win but that's barely possible (unless maybe if you're using a very light Window color...... not sure?).


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well most of the color palette things are Qt-borne so to speak, and yes there a are still some other hard-coded things out there, but frankly is that really stopping your creativeness? :)

We're not talking about me though. We're talking about this GUI right?

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yes, I know that

maybe a small explanation is due: as said, all the color names are indeed generic and refer to Qt framework in general and not quite to qtractor in particular: active and inactive color modes are for respective widget states or focus; disabled are for, guess what? disabled widgets ie. grayed-out...

but, please take here a note: all of these color names and modes may be overridden by the widget style currently in charge: for crying out loud, as an example of ugliness, the Gtk+ widget style (and any other that is based on GTK for that matter) is infamous for not giving sh*t to all that and then some :)


Yep, I get it. It just sounds like Qt sucks as far as this stuff is concerned. It's a shame IMHO. I've actually just settled on using your Greysey2 theme as I find it to be the most usable (thanks again for supplying it earlier).

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