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Qtractor on distro via Termux/Android

I'm starting this thread to see if others are willing to help figure out how to get this working.

In my case, I:
* Installed Termux via F-Droid
* Installed AnLinux via Play store
* Installed Ubuntu w/ Xfce
* Using this video, installed PulseAudio:
* Started Ubuntu and the VNC server within it (I also export the PULSE_SERVER var)
* Back in Termux, I start the PulseAudio server
* I can playback simple audio, like an MP3 via a player
* I also installed Qtractor via Rui's repo

This is where it falls apart:
* Although I can playback sound, QjackCtl can't find an audio device
* It also can't open the ALSA sequencer for MIDI playback
* Thus, Qtractor can't start

I figure there is something specific to Termux that is preventing JACK from finding a device; there's no socket. I also plugged in a compatible soundcard. Still nothing.

Any thoughts from the community? It'd be great to have a portable DAW for recording ideas while traveling, even if just for sequencing.


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