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Qtractor PPA problem


I am not sure whether I messed something up but qtractor's PPA (focal) does not work here any longer:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
qtractor : Depends: qt6-qpa-plugins but it is not installable or
base-files (< 12) but 20.3.0 is to be installed
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

All three PPAs are installed, did I mess something up?


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install qt6-qpa-plugins as told?

sorry, here we only talk opensuse tumbleweed slang but you're welcome anyhow ;)

I may be wrong but there is no such package for 20.04.

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All three PPAs are installed, did I mess something up?

what three PPAs?

for 20.04 you most probably will only need these two: Applications (focal) and Libraries (focal) and nothing else.

I added the QT PPA hoping to fix the problem with no result. Removed it now.

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the "Qt 6.3 Static Libraries" are only needed IIF you're developing or compiling something that requires them eg. any of the Vee-One LV2 plugins...
if not doing anything of the kind then you don't need them :)

otoh. are you sure you have only installed the ppa:rncbc/apps-focal ?
from the OP it seems you added the ppa:rncbc/apps-jammy as being the only one that probably asks for qt6-qpa-plugins as a dependency :/


No, only focal sources. Anyway, I will switch to 22.04 in a few weeks and there is an Appimage, too.

/etc/apt/sources.list.d$ grep rncbc *
rncbc-apps-focal-focal.list:deb focal main
rncbc-apps-focal-focal.list:# deb-src focal main
rncbc-libs-focal-focal.list:deb focal main
rncbc-libs-focal-focal.list:# deb-src focal main

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what frankendebian is that you're calling ubuntu-like 20.04 (focal fossa) that is trying to deliver a base-files version greater than 12 ?!
on 20.04/focal this should/must be 11-something, matching a debian 11 base system level (aka. "bullseye")...

otherwise you're left to either force the package installation, if that's possible disregarding its "depends:" clause, or upgrade to 22.04 (jammy) where qt6(-qpa-plugins) is already available.


ps. again, i'm no debian/ubuntu expert, just giving you some feedback and possibilities :)

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