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Xruns in Pop!_OS


First of all, I want to thank you for all your great audio projects. I use Qpwgraph and it's great! Then I found Qtractor and have been trying it out. However I'm getting a lot of Xruns and clicks in audio. I'm using Pop!_Os 22.04 with Pipewire and actually using it for professional audio recording. I work with Reaper, and I've used Ardour and Audacity with no issues at all. I tried the Flatpak and the .deb version and had problems with Xruns in both. Just giving Feedback to help improve this great piece of software!!

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hi, you're welcome

please tune up your pipewire-jack sub-system first, like setting to a constant an fixed latency, quantum or period size in frames and sample-rate, matching your main sound device h/w, starting first on 1024/48000 for instance and then lowering it on a step by step trials, until it's no usable due to xruns; revert to a previous sane setting, just like you used to with pure genuine jackd(bus).

you'll have to look into PW configuration for all that--any old or traditional jack tools are of no use here, so don't even think of qjackctl for help:--you'll have to go deep into for support coz I just can't give you much help there, sorry

tbh. I still don't trust PW being as reliable at pro-audio low-latency performance, at least as good as plain old jackd(bus). :)

ofc. ymmv.

Hi, thanks for your reply!!

I've done all the PW tweaking already! as I said I have no issues with those settings in other programs and have a good latency level (around 8ms). I configured Pipewire global settings as well as pw-Jack's specific (I have it at 256/48000). No issues recording, with multiple plugins (both native and through Wine). The difference with Qtractor is noticeable, where I get clicks and pops just by playing audio, so I believe there is another factor or configuration I'm missing. I may get rid of the Xruns by giving a higher buffer/quantum value but that will increase latency.

EDIT: I tried 512 buffer size and got no Xruns and, surprisingly, pretty good latency!!! however I can still hear some random clicks while playing, not recording thankfully.

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try disabling JACK transport input cf. Transport > Mode > None or Master (never Slave nor Full)

and what figures for buffer-size and sample-rate that are shown in the main status-bar on the bottom-left? are they constant or does it change from time to time? if they change then try to configure PW to fix that making them absolute constant for all JACK clients at least.


Buffer and Sample Rate are locked in the pw-Jack config. They are not changing. Changing the Transport mode reduced the number of clicks but they are still there... I counted one or two clicks in about 30 seconds of audio. I also heard some clicks while Monitoring my recording but they were not saved to the file.

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