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VST3 plugins keep getting blacklisted.

I've successfully (allegedly) compiled qtractor with VST3. When i create a midi track, and attempt to add a VST3 instrument plugin, the rescan flashes briefly, and then nothing. If i attempt to rescan again, the same thing happens. When I check the blacklist, all the vst3 plugins are there.

On the first attempt to add a VST3 plugin after compiling, 2 appeared, then on the next rescan, 3 different plugins appeared, then nothing from there, as i wrote above.

I have Diva installed as well as others, and that got blacklisted as well.

I opened Qtractor in a terminal, and no messages appeared at all indicating some sort of scan failure.

I'm using the latest build from git. (0.9.27 dirty)

I followed the VST instructions, and during compile the build data indicated VST3 was recognized.

Any clues?


Edit: In the message box at the bottom of the window, i've got this message: QProcess: Destroyed while process ("/usr/lib/qtractor/qtractor_plugin_scan") is still running.

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VST3 plugins are blacklisted because they hang, are non responsive or crash during the scan process...

or they cannot event get loaded (via dlopen()) or some of their system dependencies are not met...

there's nothing I can do about that sorry... besides, are you running on an older system and architecture that is not actively supported by the plugin vendor?

if you're on something older than Debian 11 (bullseye) or Ubuntu 20.04 (focal) then, please, don't bother with VST3 plugins: any of those will hardly load reliably if at all, sorry again :(

I'm on Debian 11, and they load ok in Reaper.

I'll leave this for now. I'm unlikely to use the plugins regularly, so it's no problem.


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