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shortcuts in the midi editor.

There are three important functions in the ME, being Edit Off, Edit On, and Edit Draw.

Are there keystrokable actions in the keystroke list for those functions, as I can't seem to find them?


p.s. If not, could I put in a feature request for them?

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why not have you looked into Help > Shortcuts... ?

by default there's none, but you can define your own ofc ;)


ps. ask @windowsrefund ... Single-Stroke Shortcut Master, an accolade way long deserved ;)

hah! Thank you. But seriously, I'm so happy you designed things the way you did. Absolutely brilliant.

Aaah, so there are TWO help-shortcut windows, with one dedicated to the ME.

I found what I needed, thanks.

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the MIDI clip editor and the main tracks window are different "domains" :)


Ok, I get it.

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