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LV2 configure switch

Dear Rui Nuno,

I compiled rev1701 from svn successfully just now and everything works fine with one exception. The "About ..." dialog tells me, that

"VeSTige header support enabled.
LV2 Plug-in GTK UI support disabled.
JACK Session support disabled."

libslv2, libslv2-dev and libslv2-jack are installed and slv2-plugins work so far within qtractor (anyway, I only can choose 2 out of 6 room sizes in calf reverb slv2), do I have to set a certain configure-switch during ./configure step for lv2 gtk gui support?

JackD and QJackCtl work fine with QTractor, so I am not sure if the message "Jack Session Support disabled" is crucial or experimental for my life ;-)

I am thankful for any hint concerning especially the lv2-feature.

My best wishes,

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re. VeSTige header support enabled.
- this tells you that you do have native VST plug-in support but it will be somewhat limited in some features; nothing to worry about, it just means that you are not building with Steinberg's proprietary VST-SDK but on the "vestige" headers, an allegedly free reversed-engineered alternative but rather incomplete.

re. LV2 Plug-in GTK UI support disabled.
- this is a big new addition that has just sneaked in svn trunk quite recently (r1699); it deals with direct support for those LV2 plugins which user-interface is drawn distress-fully tied to in-process GTK, instead of the more toolkit-agnostic and safe external-ui LV2 extension; it means that Qtractor will be dependable and linked to GTK explicitly to make that horrid support possible; that way, it will make all things EXTREMELY UNSTABLE and not all LV2 GTK plugins will work cleanly without dramatic results (ie. sudden, unexpected, asynchronous crashes, oh my! you've been warned:); quite frankly, it is something that I profoundly disgust and in fact you may recall I once said that it would never happen in Qtractor but, well, never say never; the world is made of more or less broken software, so this will be just yet another one jumping into the party :) with that said, reasons for you having it disabled, which I cannot tell it's a real bad thing at this time, is probably you're missing some or any of the GTK+-2.0 development packages installed, ie. gtk2-dev(el) and the endless line of its trash :)

re. JACK Session support disabled.
- this is only available if you install JACK svn trunk, still in development; you'll never get to that enabled while using current publicly released JACK code; again you should not worry with this one too, unless you want to walk on the bleeding-edge :) you can try some from my local jack packages or my home:rncbc openSUSE build service repositories.


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Dear Rui Nuno,

thank you very much for your extensive answer.
My bad - I should have known it by myself, installing "libgtk2.0-dev" and compiling QTractor again, removed the "GTK2+ UI" message. Now the guis for LV2 plugins (calf) work, but as you wrote, they tend to crash QTractor. It is no problem, since the LADSPA and DSSI versions of calf plugins work without problems, QTractor itself is a gem!!!

With kind regards,

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