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Screen tearing

Hi Rui,

I have got problems with qtractor on two different systems. The playheads creates tearing (please have a look at the attachment).

First system is Linux Mint 21 based on Ubuntu 22.04 with a Nvidia card using the PPA, second system is Ubuntu Studio 22.10 on a laptop with an Intel graphics card and the 'bundled' qtractor. I am not sure how to debug this, any hints?

Thanks a lot


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that's really weird! never saw that coming, even on sluggish VMs and under load...
unfortunately I don't know why is that happening to you, have no clue even though you seem to have two different systems and probably Qt major versions (5 and 6) having the same crazy weird symptoms!?

maybe just a shot in the the dark: are you, by any chance, running on scaled HiDPI screens? have tweaked on (or off) so special hardware acceleration somehow? what compositor? is it or is it wayland ? what happens if you switch to one or another?

doesn't anyone else suffers from the same ?



You were right, I was using: export QT_SCALE_FACTOR=1.1 in my start script. I was hesitating for weeks to ask here because of my experimental Nvidia/Pipewire/Qtractor PPA/Mint/KXStudio setup until I set up the laptop with the same problem.

Fun fact: factors 1.2 and 1.3 have only very little tearing and work OK so far.

Problem solved, thank you


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holy crap, yes! many thanks for the feedback!

wholly cheers!

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