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midi and audio out of sync when playhead is moved

Hi there, I have loaded audio files and midifiles into Qtractor. When I play the tracks from the beginning, they are all in sync, but when I move the red playhead (by shift-click) then play, the files are out of sync. The midifile is too slow, and the audio files are also out of sync.
Is there some setting in Qjackctl that I could use to keep the sync in Qtractor? I am using AVlinux (MX Linux), but I get the same thing in Ubuntu Studio.
Thanks for any help.


the issue was with the files I used. the audio files were .mp3s exported from band in a box. I switched to .wavs and the result is much better. fingers crossed

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hi, thanks

and yes some if not all .mp3's are terrible unreliable to have a sample accurate position within the stream...

please avoid to use them anyhow

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