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qtractor svn and project "management"

Hi Rui,
it's been a long time.
I remember i asked you one time to simplify the project directory management here.
I saw in the latest svn that you started implementing .qtz archive project4.
What do you think about my idea about teh directory management ?
here how i see it :

You should be able to open qtractor and start recording some midi/audio stuff.
At that point, no path or session name/directory are required
In fact qtractor is recording all it media, sessions related files into a temporary directory (lets say /tmp/qtractor-session-xxxx)
when you ask the software to save your work, it will then ask where to save the session.
The software then move it temporary session directory to where you choose to save you work

what do you think ?

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have this into consideration, please:

1. the new .qtz archive/zip session file option is currently in testing and things might change a bit here and there wrt. naming conventions and what not;
2. one question arises if it all goes well: whether it should be the default regular session file format;
3. if 2. ever holds true (yes) then it will be easily obvious that one could generate whatever esoteric new filenames OOTB, upon recording or creating new clips!
4. until then,


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