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So, 0.9.31 and above is not longer available for Bionic?

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yes the bionic repo's/ppa's are being put to sunset; ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) is going EoL in a few months anyway and there are too many recent things esp. regarding recent plugin formats that already don't work on such an (old) platform...

please consider upgrading to a more recent LTS, eg. 20.04 (focal) or 22.04 (jammy);

or you may build it from source, on your own of course

sorry for the inconvenience

ps. for a limited time the bionic ppa's will be re-enabled, just to the v0.9.31 release which is now getting ready.

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Thanks for the Info.

No, I'm not going to change my OS to a more recent version.
Pity, I can't compile newer versions for myself as the compiler version aren't up to date also.
Never mind. I'm fine with 0.9.29, as 0.9.30 has had a strange behaviour when cutting MIDI parts.
Cutting a quantize MIDI part on exact start position of a MIDI event deleted it - ALWAYS!

Nice action to make 0.9.31 available for Bionic.
Will check it out.

Thanks for that!

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just a friendly reminder that 18.04 (bionic) is going EoL this very month: this meaning the "bionic" PPA's won't be getting any updates from now on (for sure) and will be disabled by the end of April'23 (and deleted shortly after).

so sorry if that affects you in any way, you are here advised to update your baseline to the next 20.04 LTS (focal) at least or--if that's your case--to Debian 11+


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it's done.


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